We are a small team of enthusiasts with over 100 years of accumulated experience in aircooled VW cars. Each of us owns several rides and we’ve torn apart and assembled most aircooled VW models, so we know what goes where and how it works. We love what we do, we do it with passion, and with a true “how would I like this to function if it was my own car” -mindset.

Tommy Tauriola

Owner / Master mechanic

Tommy has been an enthusiast since the ’90s, building his first completely restored and customized VW in 1996. Tens of aircooled cars have gone thru Tommy’s hands, thus giving him a unique understanding of many different models.

In 2004 Tommy and a few friends started, the leading VW-parts distributor in Finland, contributing further to his knowledge and understanding of parts for all VW:s. As vice chairman and honorary member of the Finnish Volkswagen Association he has very good contacts within the community.

Tommy’s characteristics include attention to detail, non-compromising workmanship and a true perfectionist mentality.

Mikko Turunen

Owner / Mechanic / Parts master

Mikko is a truly full-blooded VW enthusiast, with dozens of cars owned (and still in his possession) during his many years of enjoying the hobby. Mikko is a long time (and Honorary) member of the Finnish Volkswagen Association and has worked different important positions within the organization.

Mikko owns and as such, supplies aircooled parts all over the world. runs the Finnish Aircooled VW Rally Series, in which Mikko also participates as a distinguished driver with his own 1302 race beetle. Need a special part or help in configuring your race / strip car? Ask Mikko.

Kotten Tallgren


The grand old man of Finnish VW drag racing and renowned engine/gearbox-specialist helps us out whenever we are in the need of a 100% restored gearbox or help with virtually any technical problem.

Kotten can put in new gearing, synchros, ring and pinion and other goodies that help make even the most radical engine put it’s power to the wheels in a civilized manner. All the knowledge accumulated over the past 40 years within the community serves us extremely well and helps us figure out long forgotten solutions to problems we never thought we could have.

Who supplies our parts?

No serious professional works completely alone in their trade. There is always someone that helps out here and there and sometimes their effort is what actually makes things happen.

For parts, we go to selected suppliers, with an emphasis on high quality. We will NEVER put a part in any car, that we would not put in one of our own. Parts suppliers of VolksWalley Customs (just to name a few):

Who do we work with locally?

In Finland, we have fellow enthusiasts that help us out with certain specialty work on a regular basis. From other knowledgeable builders and machine shop specialists to first class painters and metalwork gurus, no one could do what we do alone. So we have many “go-to” people, whenever we need help, but here are some of the more outstanding:

Berndt Wasastjerna, the founder of the Finnish Volkswagen Association almost 40 years ago is the guy to go to, when rebuilding old or creating new engines. “Bäne” has contacts virtually everywhere and with the amount of different engine projects under his belt it is no wonder he still builds engines for a lot of enthusiasts. Berndt has written extremely valuable books about rebuilding VW aircooled engines as well as tuning them. He is still active in the community and helps out with whatever problems you might have with your aircooled car.

Want us or one of our associates to help you out?

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