VolksWalley Customs is expanding!

It occurred to us, that we buy a lot of parts from different vendors for our own projects as well as for friends and customers. Why not set up a webshop to sell these parts as well and bring a new line of stuff available to all enthusiasts to enjoy?

Well, here it is, our brand new webshop, https://www.osakauppa.com

Feel free to browse the different categories of products and and also the catalogs of our suppliers, https://osakauppa.com/page/4/kuvastot including literally thousands of products you can order either thru the webshop or contacting us by email, info@osakauppa.com

We are on the move!

VolksWalley Customs has been looking for new premises for about a year now, and recently we found a place in Nummela, some 50km outside of Helsinki center, that would suit our needs. We jumped at the opportunity and after some tough negotiations with both the owner and our bank, it is now finally ours!

The property is over 3000m2, including a 500m2 industrial building and over 800m2 of building right for future development. The building consists of an L-shaped office wing, plus a fairly large 275m2 workspace for storing and working on cars.

This will be the new home of VolksWalley Customs and soon we will also start selling parts out of our own web shop as well. As soon as we get our operations set up properly, we will have a grand opening for all our aircooled friends and family!

More pictures to follow as soon as we get settled!

Beetle stolen?! Walley to the rescue!

A few weeks ago we at read in the newspaper about a young boy Emppu, whose little electric beetle had been stolen from the family back yard. Can you imagine that, the worst thing that could happen to any VW-enthusiast!

Together with Mikko Turunen from Aircooled.fi we decided to buy a new car, and today we proudly presented it to Emppu, who was both surprised and super happy! What joy!

How’s your steering?

Old VW´s are notorious for having worn out steering boxes, thus causing very poor steering capabilites. The steering wheel may sway from left to right up to 1/4 of a turn before the car changes direction, or it might feel so tight that you are forced to constantly turn the steering wheel in order for the car to go where you want it to. Clunky sounds may be coming from somewhere in the front of the car and you are wondering what are causing them.

Usually your steering box is worn out and in need of replacement or simply needs adjusting. Your tie rod ends may be worn out, causing the steering to feel loose. Your ball joints or king pins may be failing and causing excess play in the suspension. Sometimes the steering damper is dry and no longer adds that correct robust feel to the steering at higher speeds. Buses are notorious for having the steering swing lever bushings worn out, causing severe play in the steering.

What can be done?

  • Adjust the steering box
  • Replace the steering box with an original or aftermarket part
  • Replace worn out tie rod ends and/or ball joints
  • Replace the steering box with rack & pinion steering

The cost?

A new steering box is about 150-250 euro, depending on the brand. If you want a refurbished original VW box, then be prepared to pay more. Tie rod ends and ball joints usually cost about 15 euro / each for good quality ones, so they are not a big expense. Steering dampers go for about 20-40 euro.

How much work is it?

Adjusting the box only takes about 1/2 hour. Replacing the box is easier when removing the fuel tank and tie rods need to be removed as well as the swing lever. Usually it’s good to adjust at least toe-in for the front wheels as well, so altogether the box change takes about 3-4 hours.

Rack & Pinion conversion

You can also replace your steering box completely with rack and pinion steering. This removes the old box and replaces it with a rack and pinion, which is a lot more precise and modern. VolksWalley stocks ready to install packages and the beetle package goes for 999 e and the bus package for 1499 e. Packages include steering rack mount, steering rack and accessories, tie rods, bearings and bushings as well as joints (bus package also includes separate intermediate steering gear).

Installation involves cutting, welding and a lot of adjusting and takes a couple of days to complete, whether it be a beetle or a bus.

VolksWalley Customs is open!

We’ve been working on cars for years, but mainly our own and our friends rides. Now we’re open for actual business, whatever your aircooled VW need may be. Some of our services include:

  • Basic car maintenance, like oil changes, spark plug changes, adjusting carbs and ignition, changing brake fluid etc.
  • Repairs on the body, chassis and suspension, interior, engine and transmission.
  • Electrical repairs
  • Customization of your car, in every way possible.

Our tools include:

  • Car lifts
  • Tyre machines and balancing
  • Glass bead blasting cabinet
  • Sand blasting equipment
  • MIG welding machines
  • Aluminum soldering tools
  • Hydraulic press
  • Tens of different power tools