We are on the move!

VolksWalley Customs has been looking for new premises for about a year now, and recently we found a place in Nummela, some 50km outside of Helsinki center, that would suit our needs. We jumped at the opportunity and after some tough negotiations with both the owner and our bank, it is now finally ours!

The property is over 3000m2, including a 500m2 industrial building and over 800m2 of building right for future development. The building consists of an L-shaped office wing, plus a fairly large 275m2 workspace for storing and working on cars.

This will be the new home of VolksWalley Customs and soon we will also start selling parts out of our own web shop as well. As soon as we get our operations set up properly, we will have a grand opening for all our aircooled friends and family!

More pictures to follow as soon as we get settled!

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