We are VolksWalley Customs, the one-stop shop for all your aircooled Volkswagen dreams!

VolksWalley Customs services, repairs or customizes your aircooled Volkswagen. Fancy a 100% restoration or an all-out custom VW? If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Our Services

Yes, we change out your blackened oil, loose fan belt, leaky valve cover seals, and worn out wheel bearings. But we can also tear out your old wiring harness and replace it with 100% new parts, adjust your engine’s timing, clean your carburetor with ultrasound or sand/soda/bead blast virtually any part that might need serious cleaning. Want a 100% renewed car? Conversion to electric? Yes, it can be done.

Follow us and our projects in our blog. We guarantee only interesting and useful content for any VW enthusiast!

Our Team

The VolksWalley team consists of a bunch of VW enthusiasts with more than 100 years combined knowledge of different aircooled VW:s.

VolksWalley Customs

Founded in 2016 by long time Finnish Volkswagen Association honorary member Tommy Tauriola, we are the guys to go to whenever you need advice or work done on your aircooled Veedub.

Do you have questions about our services or garage?

Currently we do not have a phone number and you can reach us most conveniently by email or Facebook messenger. We also do not have official opening hours, so all visits upon appointment only.


Kuormakuja 2
03100, Vihti, Finland